Regenerative Medicine

New understanding in the repair and regeneration of cells and tissues have led to an emerging field in medicine called Regenerative Medicine.

This field is basically the study of how we can help the body to heal itself by utilizing and optimizing natural repair processes.  These processes are mediated by molecules in the body know as growth factors.  New cell formation is accomplished when these factors activate quiescent stem cells to differentiate into the appropriate mature tissue cells.  Much of the stem cell research in the past was based on cells taken from embryonic tissue, posing both an ethical and logistical problem.

Recent advances have led to the understanding that we have our own supply of unused stem cells in our blood and fat as well as our bone marrow.  We now have minimally invasive techniques to isolate these cells, concentrate them and use them in an area of the body that lacks these cells. This is usually combined with growth factors obtained from the patient’s own blood known as platelet rich plasma.  Often times the growth factors alone are enough to cause repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.

You may have seen articles or news clips about famous athletes being treated successfully using these techniques either in this country or abroad.  Some of these clinics may grow cells in a lab or in other words, culture the cells.  This is a type of manipulation of cells that is regulated by the FDA because the risks of complications are much greater.   We use only your own cells which are isolated by using a procedure that we perform in our office laboratory.  This procedure is very safe and takes about an hour.

Regenerative Orthopedics Institute differs from most other Regenerative Medicine clinics in that it is staffed by a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon.

We specialize in the comprehensive treatment of the musculoskeletal system using whatever form of treatment is best suited for your problem whether it be non-operative treatment, surgery, regenerative therapies or a combination.  When all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail.  If a clinic does only stem cells, it is more likely that they will recommend stem cell treatment whether you are a good candidate or not.

Most clinics in the United States use a national company as a supplier for their products who, in exchange for advertising, are required to do a certain number of procedures a year.  At Regenerative Orthopedics Institute we have no quotas to meet.  You will be given all the options by a physician who can provide whatever option is best for you.

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