Traditional Care

We believe in using a variety of Traditional Orthopedic Care techniques, including Education, Relative Rest, Exercise, Bracing, Splinting and Casting, and Injections.


We believe education is a big part of treatment and so our staff will utilize models, diagrams, office charts and handouts for your education.

Relative rest

Everyone knows that rest is important. But too much rest can be a bad thing. We will help you understand which activities are good, which ones are OK and which ones to avoid and for how long.


We will teach you appropriate exercises that will promote healing specific to your condition, aid in the quickest recovery possible and help prevent re-injury.


Bracing is sometimes necessary and we stock the most commonly needed braces in our office. We can fit you with your brace at the time of your visit and are happy to bill your insurance company for you.

Splinting and Casting

Immobilization using splints or casts, whether with fiberglass or plaster, is still the most common method for treating fractures and sprains.


Sometimes, we use steroid injections to help decrease inflammation and promote healing in areas of chronic inflammation or overuse such as tendinitis or bursitis.  Steroid injections can also provide relief from arthritis pain.